The farm

Our farm is called “Weitgass”. A name with a long tradition of farmers who work on their countryside with love and respect for nature. The name “Weitgass” was documentary mentioned for the first time in 1350. Since 1649 our family holds the farm. Therefore it was officially appointed to “ancestral estate” by the government of Salzburg.

At the moment, we accommodate 40 pieces of cattle on our organic-farm. Milk, that is not needed by the little calfes, is delivered to a dairy. When you have a look in the barn, you will also meet several smaller animals. For example Findus the tomcat and his friends, the rabbit Charly, the dwarf goat Emma and a lot of others!

What we would like to share with you is our guiding principle: “Handling nature and animals with respect.”

Assure yourselves and become our guests.

Neugeborenes Kälbchen im Stall